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About the Town of Prescott Valley’s Department of Economic Development:

The Town of Prescott Valley follows a “three-legged stool” approach to economic development where three separate organizations contribute to economic activities within the Town, each with a different mandate. The first two legs of the stool are the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation which focuses on manufacturing and industrial business attraction as well as some aspects of business retention and expansion and the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce which also focuses on business retention and expansion as well as tourism. The third leg in the three-legged stool approach is the Town of Prescott Valley’s Economic Development Department which focuses entirely on commercial and retail business attraction.

The Town’s Office of Economic Development acts as the first point of contact for retailers, other commercial businesses and their representatives and seeks to support and assist with their new business or development. The Town’s Economic Development Coordinator can provide a myriad of data points necessary to help companies during their site location and/or due diligence processes. If the data needed is not listed on this website, interested parties are encouraged to e-mail or call the Economic Development Coordinator directly with their request. Additionally, the Economic Development Coordinator can provide direction and support to new retail/commercial businesses by helping to guide and explain Town development processes and by helping a potential new business and/or their representatives connect with necessary stakeholders both locally, regionally and throughout the State of Arizona in both the public and private sectors. Lastly, it is the goal of the Economic Development Coordinator as well as the entire Town Staff of Prescott Valley to provide superior customer service to residents, business owners/operators, and their representatives. While the primary support functions mentioned above encompass frequent responsibilities of the Economic Development Coordinator as it relates to supporting of external stakeholders, it is not intended to be a full description of assistance activities. If you have any questions or concerns that you feel the Economic Development Coordinator may be able to address, please do not hesitate to reach out with your request and everything feasible will be done to help fulfill your request.

About the Economic Development Coordinator:

Cutter Chamberlain is the Assistant to the Town Manager for the Town of Prescott Valley, and manages the economic development department with a focus on retail & commercial business attraction. Prior to his current position, Mr. Chamberlain worked for the City of Yuma, AZ where he focused on Marketing and Event Management to bring tourism to the area and generate revenue for the City. Mr. Chamberlain lived in the Prescott Area from 1995-2006 and has seen the Town of Prescott Valley grow exponentially to what it is today. Mr. Chamberlain received his A.A. in Political Science from Arizona Western College, his B.S. in Management and a Masters of Public Administration from Grand Canyon University. He also holds a certification through the Arizona Association for Economic Development as an Arizona Economic Development Professional. Mr. Chamberlain is married to his wife Taylor and has three boys, Brody, Cole & Weston. They love the outdoors, riding their bikes, going on hikes and exploring Arizona.

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